Fruitful Technologies has worked for businesses of all sizes, from single founder start-ups to some of the world's largest brands; often covertly! ;)

Below is a selection of key clients and work undertaken by Fruitful recently:

Prism is the worlds most advanced thoroughbred racing platform, allowing trainers to manage their horses, owners and operations from the centralized web portal and apps.

The Prism platform provides trainers with the ability to better manage their Stables and Staff, including transparent management of each horse, including the scheduling of daily trackwork, treatments, transport as well as keeping owners updated with information and media on their horses.

As Prism's Development partner, Fruitful has been involved from the beginning, helping design, develop, test and refine the platform along the way. Key elements have included Design, Web, Android and iOS app development, Database design and integration/API's with Racing Australia, Braintree and SAP.

As Fruitful's longest client, SilverTop has been at the forefront of innovation in the taxi industry, pushing their booking applications across their various fleets, including Premier (NSW), Geelong, Frankston, Bendigo and West Suburban.

Key elements included Web, Android and iOS app development, integration to MT Data dispatch systems, Google/Here Maps, AS400 and Braintree payments as well as Android Tablet app development and the ongoing management of the booking systems.

Dorsal is the world's largest shark detection and alerting platform, monitoring and communicating shark sightings along the coasts of Australia and the USA. The Dorsal system monitors shark sightings via media, official channels as well as allowing individuals to report their own sighting for approval and distribution.

Fruitful has been a key partner of Dorsal, building its web scanning technology, social media auto reporting systems, shark reporting database and a variety of different 5 star apps, including public alerting apps, moderator apps for managing and approving reports, GPS based apps for pilots and boat captains as well drone and wearable technologies.

Pandr is a new sales management platform, bringing a new and innovative approach to connecting brands and consumers.

As its Development Partner, Fruitful built Pandr's front end e-commerce coupon website as well as its backend coupon and client management portal. In addition, Fruitful built the infield door to door sales app (iOS/Android) where reps can manage their customers and sales pipelines.

Kanvass is a social platform that focusses on 'making opinions count'.

As an opinions portal, Kanvass is akin to Pinterest for Polls, allowing anyone to vote on and discuss anything and everything, whether it be viral internet sensations such as the colour of a dress, to ideological debate about gay marriage and all things in between.

Due to launch in April, Fruitful has been entrenched in the entire design and development process from the beginning, including the development of the front end solution, social media integrations, iOS and Android apps, polling database and analytics as well as the backend moderators portal and design process.

Shomi is the latest in image scanning technology, elegantly moving users from print to the digital world with its unique scanning codes and readers.

As Shomi's development partner, Fruitful was responsible for the development of the core scanning technology in Shomi's iOS and Android apps, bringing scanning capability in all sorts of conditions, colours and environments.